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IFBB Grand Prix of Romania

As Florin Teodorescu confessed in his biography, organising a Grand Prix at Timisoara was his life’s dream. A dream that couldn’t come true for years. At first, because he needed to promote his image. Later, because of financial causes. Why is image important? Because setting up a Grand Prix is not a job for anyone. You need organising experience. Such a competition requires management, marketing and communication resources. The organiser must be a well-known promoter, a reliable person with a clean reputation. IFBB only associates its image with people/companies that can keep pace with the prestigious brand Weider. And, of course, you need a lot of money. When he found the necessary financial resources, Florin Teodorescu had already accumulated experience as competition organiser (he set up over 30 events in 2006), and had been rewarded IFBB medals and honorary diplomas. In 2006, thanks to CS Florin Teodorescu Centre, Timisoara hosted another first-time national event: the first professional Grand Prix bodybuilding contest.
Weider’s Grand Prix of Romania 2006
The top professional competitors waited to arrive in Timisoara were Jay Cutler, winner of the 2006 Mr. Olympia award, and the famous Ronnie Coleman, who came in second after winning the competition eight consecutive times! The two champions were the leads in the October 2006 contest, but other first rate sportsmen also climbed on the stage. Among them, two Romanian professionals: Nicolae Giurgi, 46 and Cristian Mihailescu, 56, who, despite their age, didn’t let the public down. The excited audience clapped their hands enthusiastically and gave a special round of applause for Ricky Welling. Although he lost his sight when he was seven and has never seen his body as an adult, the British sportsman has become a professional and is a rare example of tenacity and moral fibre.
The Timisoara contest was part of a three-day competition that also included the Grand Prix in Vienna and Amsterdam. (According to the IFBB regulations, the sportsmen on the first three places qualified for the 2007 Mr. Olympia). It was a triumph for the most recent Mr. Olympia, Jay Cutler, who defeated his great competitor four times in ten days.
1. Jay Cutler (USA)
2. Ronnie Coleman (USA)
3. Sergey Shelestov (Russia)
4. Eddie Abbew (England)
5. Daniele Seccarecci (Italy)
6. Yamagishi Hidetada (Japan)
7. Thomas Benagli (Italy)
8. Ricky Welling (England)
9. Migger Milazzo (Germany)
10. Nicolae Giurgi (Romania)
11. Cristian Mihailescu (Romania)
12. Zoran Vejic (Serbia)
Weider’s Grand Prix of Romania 2008
Like the first edition, the second Romanian Grand Prix gathered twelve competitors and the latest Mr. Olympia. After years of efforts and impressive results, Dexter Jackson managed to win the contest of the giants in Las Vegas. He came to Timisoara, a city he already knew well enough, triumphed unquestionably and got the lion’s share of the total sum of 20,000 dollars allotted for the awards. Another competitor with good results at Mr. Olympia, the German Ronnie Rockel, came in second, while the massive Swedish star Martin Kjellstrom came in third, before the Russian Shelestov. Ricky Welling got a big hand again, and Hanni Glanville was very much appreciated as the most promising young bodybuilder.
It is worthy of note that the Grand Prix in Timisoara was the only contest of the kind organised in Europe in 2008!
1. Dexter Jackson (USA)
2. Ronny Rockel (Germany)
3. Martin Kjellstrom (Sweden)
4. Sergey Shelestov (Russia)
5. Hanni Glanville (England)
6. Armin Scholz (Germany)
7. Marcos Chacon (Spain)
8. Manfred Petautschnig (Austria)
9. Khalid Almohsinawi (The Netherlands)
10. Ricky Welling (England)
11. Cesar Mendible (Venezuela)
12. Migger Milazzo (Germany)
13. Tommi Thorvildsen (Norway)


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