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Classic Florin Teodorescu

The town of Lugoj has a special place in the history of the Romanian sports thanks to the large numbers of wrestlers with notable results at national and international contests, like Iosif Horvath (the first Romanian wrestler who won an Olympic medal), Francisc Horvath, Simion Popescu and others. This nice little town of Banat, the birthplace of several historical or cultural personalities such as Eftimie Murgu, Filaret Barbu, Bela Lugosi or the Brediceanu family, has also been a favourable area for sports involving great physical strength for a long time. Given this constructive environment, in 2006, Florin Teodorescu Sports Centre initiated and organised another traditional bodybuilding and fitness competition at the local lovers’ demand: Classic Florin Teodorescu. Remarkable sportsmen have honoured the contest ever since the first edition and the audience has enjoyed impressive demonstrations performed by distinguished bodybuilders, some of them with an international reputation. People came in great numbers to the competition hall (the “Traian Grozavescu” Theatre House) to give a round of applause to the performers. A special reason to sustain the locals’ enthusiasm was the opening (also in 2006) of a modern bodybuilding hall in the “Florin Teodorescu” style in Lugoj, the town on the Timis River.
2006 (first edition)
“Traian Grozavescu” Theatre of Lugoj housed the inaugural edition on November 25th 2006. Only Romanian competitors came and took part in the two sections, fitness and seniors. Many young sportsmen achieved notable results. The main attraction of the evening was Petru Ciorba, the world masters champion, who made an impressive display. The audience also expressed their appreciation of Ioan Moroie, a 71-year-old bodybuilder from Timisoara, who received a well-deserved standing ovation.
Lenuta Slabu (Gym Mar Strong Oradea)
Victor Mesny (Gym Mar Strong Oradea)
2007 (second edition)
About 30 sportsmen from four countries (!) competed in the October 2007 edition of the Classic Florin Teodorescu. It was the first time a professional bodybuilder came to Lugoj: the Italian Daniele Seccarecci, who performed a special display. Much appreciated was the fitness duel between Dora Szantai and Florina Cernat, while at the seniors class the winner was Hungarian Bela Kathi, followed by his countryman Kozarocz and the Romanian Costica Caileanu.
Dora Szantai (Hungary)
(age: 40-50)
Engi Denes (Romania)
(age: over 50)
Gheorghi Dimentiev (Bulgaria)
Seniors – open:
1. Bela Kathi (Hungary)
2. Tibor Kozarocz (Hungary)
3. Costica Caileanu (Romania)
2008 (third edition)
The third edition (December 13th 2008) was also an international one. Sportsmen from Romania, Hungary and Serbia came to compete for the 5,000 RON awards. Dora Szantai, the world fitness champion, competed with her main rival, Iudit Palecian, also a world champion, but at professional boxing! The Serbian Peter Liska arrived in the last moment, but right in time to win the masters category!
Dora Szantai (Hungary)
Peter Liska (Serbia)
Seniors – open:
1. Octavian Mihaita (Olympic Pro Gym Brasov)
2. Tiberiu Horvath (CS Florin Teodorescu)
3. David Obertol (Hungary)


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