Timisoara - Romania



The first bodybuilding and fitness competition took place in February 1990, in memory of bodybuilder Vasile Balmus, who died during the 1989 Romanian Revolution, when he was only 25. More than 60 great sportsmen from Romania participated in it. Its success convinced Florin Teodorescu to organise a second edition next December, a year after the Revolution.

Florin Teodorescu – a bodybuilding promoter

Florin Teodorescu is one of the pioneers of bodybuilding in Romania. As a promoter, he has organised over 30 national and international competitions.  
Over the years, he has received numerous distinctions:  
IFBB Diploma for Bodybuilding Promotion in Timisoara and Romania (1997);  
IFBB Certificate of Merit and Medal for Bodybuilding Promotion in Romania (1998);  
The Medal of the Revolution of December 1989 National Foundation (1999);  



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