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FIBO – 2009 (Essen, April 23-26, 2009)

In April 23-24 2009, I had the pleasure to participate in the 2009 edition of FIBO, the leading Trade Show in bodybuilding and fitness that is organised annually at Essen, Germany. By trade show, I understand everything, absolutely everything that is connected to bodybuilding. On a surface covering tens of hectares, hundreds of companies from all over the world exhibit their products: bodybuilding and fitness equipment (some of them dynamic, state-of-the-art pieces), all kinds of nutritive food, sport equipment made by leading international manufacturers, gloves, belts, footwear, tinted creams for sportsmen in competitions, sauna and tanning device, magazines, books, tapes etc. It would take me hours to describe everything, so I’ll only mention some parts of I saw at Essen.
The top companies brought celebrities to promote their image. The first superstar I saw was Dexter Jackson (actually, it was he who spotted me first and then called me. I wasn’t surprised, because he had been in Timisoara twice, as an official guest at the Liberty Cup and a Grand Prix competitor). Then I met with Ronnie Coleman, Ronnie Rockel, Dennis James, and the veteran Rich Gaspari. Those who are a little older might remember him. He’s a remarkable sportsman who came second three times and third once, in times when Lee Haney was making the law at Mr. Olympia! It goes without saying I had my picture taken with all of them and they agreed to participate in the next Grand Prix in Timisoara. As I had to leave on Saturday morning, before the end of the show, I missed other superstars like Markus Ruhl and Jay Cutler, who were to arrive for the weekend.
I saw some nice statues of bodybuilders – smaller than the ones standing in front of my centre – and if everything goes well during the negotiations, I’ll decorate my centre with them.
I admired several excellent pieces of equipment made by Hoist and Panatta. I even spoke with Mr. Panatta, the manager’s son, and he assured me that he was open to any profitable business for both sides, in case I was also interested. I think this is a good opportunity, though the SportArt and Precor equipment I use, also exhibited at the show, is first-class.
It was a pleasant trip especially that I travelled with my friends Ovidiu Forai and Florin Preduchin. (The latter took his son Radu with him). Florin brought the latest issue of Muscle & Fitness. On its cover was Dexter, winner of the Romania Grand Prix, with the medal of my club around his neck. I was delighted to see that this issue was offered to many prestigious companies in the field. In today’s business world, image is vital to success! 
Florin Teodorescu

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