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Florin TeodorescuWorse than thin: 1,400 kg at birth
    I was born in Horia village, Neamt county, on March 30, 1961. We were five brothers. While my twin sister weighed 2,600 kg when she was born, I weighed only 1,400 kg. As a child, I was thin and rachitic and I remember how my sisters used to play with my ribs as if they were a dulcimer. I started to do physical exercises so that I could protect myself from my sisters and other children who would always beat me. I had heard that regular and chair push-ups made your body stronger. I started lifting a kitchen stool (try doing it with one hand only and you will see how hard – and heavy – it can be!) and training my biceps with a 15-kilo cooking pot. Sometimes I had to empty it because it was so heavy I simply couldn’t lift it… Then I tried to lift a railway piece and a ball from the shoulder. I did traction exercises using a tree. I did all these exercises but I had no idea what muscles they engaged. I had to wait for two or three months to see which of them were getting stronger. The first ones I saw really growing were my forearm muscles, after I had trained my flexor in 1974.

Florin Teodorescu – a bodybuilding promoter

Florin TeodorescuFlorin Teodorescu is one of the pioneers of bodybuilding in Romania. As a promoter, he has organised over 30 national and international competitions. 
Over the years, he has received numerous distinctions: 
IFBB Diploma for Bodybuilding Promotion in Timisoara and Romania (1997); 
IFBB Certificate of Merit and Medal for Bodybuilding Promotion in Romania (1998); 
The Medal of the Revolution of December 1989 National Foundation (1999); 
Honorary Diploma for Sportive Management from the Timis Directorate for Sports (1999, 2000, 2003); 
Romanian Bodybuilding Federation Diploma for special merits in Romanian Bodybuilding Promotion; (2000, 2004); 
Timisoara City Hall Excellency Diploma for promoting the city’s imagine through sport (2005); 
other national and international awards (Hungary, Serbia, Italy).
Florin Teodorescu – a bodybuilding promoter Florin Teodorescu – a bodybuilding promoter

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